• Richard Grieco is best known for his work as an actor, producer, director, musician and artist. Richard's interest in performing began in highschool where he was also active in sports and was a gifted athlete. When the school entered him in a modelling competition, Richard Grieco emerged as a clear cut winner as one of the 'Best faces of the 80's'.

    After Elite Modelling Agency in New York signed him, Richard relocated to Manhattan and began to model for designers as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Chanel. After six successful month's, he stopped modelling and spent two years studying acting under such notables as Wally Strauss, Alice Spieack & the Warren Robertsen theater Workshop.

    His first audition was an instant success, leading to a year, long stint on 'ONE LIFE TO LIVE' as Rick Gardener, a character he jokingly refers to as 'a rebel ski bum'. Dedicated to improve his craft, he continued to study acting in the evenings.

    In 1987 Richard moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his acting career. One year later in 1988, when '21 JUMP STREET' tempted him to join the cast on a semi- regular basis, Richard jumped at the chance. Soon, Richard was offered to play in more episodes of the series than was originally planned and due to the success on '21 JUMP STREET', Richard Grieco was given his own show called 'BOOKER' in 1989.

    In Spring of 1990 Richard began production on his first feature film entitled 'IF LOOKS COULD KILL'. Later that same year, 1990, Richard got a role in his second feature film entitled 'MOBSTERS', in which he stars as gangster 'BENNY SIEGEL' with names as Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, Costas Mandylor and the legendary Anthony Quinn.

    In February 1991, Richard was the recipient of Nato/Showest's prestigious award naming him 1991's Male Star of Tomorrow.

    He appeared in over 50 movies. Some of the movies you might know as; 22 JUMPSTREET, FORGET ABOUT IT, A NIGHT AT THE ROXYBURY and IT WAS HIM OR US with Ann Jillian. Mid 90's Richard appeared again as main star in a TV- Series, created by Stephen J. Cannel, entitled 'MARKER'.

    Today Richard is not only active in front of the camera but also behind it as producer and director. He was the creator and executive-producer of showtime's 'GIGOLOS'. He is also one of the directors and producers of horror movie 'Clinton Road'. The movie was filmed on one of the scariest and most haunted roads in the US.

    Aside from this all, Richard has been active with music for many years. In 1994 he released his first single CD in Germany called 'VOICE WITH NO NAME', which was soon followed by an album called 'WAITING FOR THE SKY TO FALL'. In January 2009, Richard was one of the cast members of CMT's Gone Country, season 3. For this show he wrote and sang a heartfelt song called ' I'M GONNA SEE YOU AGAIN' for his late mother Carolyn.
    In 2020 Richard released "Six Feet Away ". A touching song he wrote while in lockdown for the covid-19 pandemic.

    Richard is also a gifted painter. He had been painting in the shadows for many years untill he made it public in 2009. He calls his artwork 'ABSTRACT EMOTIONALISM'. Click here to visit his Fine Art page griecoart.com.

  • Facts

    • Birthdate: March 23

    • Birth place: Watertown, New York

    • Country: USA

    • Star Sign: Aries

    • Ancestry: Irish/Italian

    Did you know...

    • Richard participated in several musical productions when he was young.

    • He was a member of chorus groups during his junior high and high school years

    • Richard was a middle linebacker and fullback during the two years he spent at C.C.U

    • He performed in Connecticut Rep. Theater in such works as Orphans, Man and the Mass and Golden Boy

    • He is an avid golfer and loves everything that has to do with sports