About 'Dream Round'

  • Plot

    A kid stuck living with grandma, Joe Bona who lost his family 15 years and a waitress down on her luck find happiness together as Joe has the Dream Round of his life.

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  • Release Febr 7th, 2020
    Digital release Nov 10th, 2020
    Directed by:

    • Dusty Dukatz

    Writing Credits

    • Lisa Huston

    •Michael Saquella

    Produced by:

    •Michael Saquella

    • Richard Grieco


    • Richard Grieco - Sean McLaw

    • Michael Saquella - Joe Bona

    • Alexa Lohman - Sarah

    • Heidi Kaplan - Jennifer Greene

    • Shari Rigby - Mrs. Bona

    • Greg Lutz - Graham Scott

    • Babe McGuire - Grandma Dee Dee